Quality Policy

.  To have our staff adopt the mission, vision and principles of our Group,
. In line with Total Quality approach, to make it a practice to:

  •         Satisfy customers and all our stake holders,
  •         Adopt consistency and continuous development,
  •         Do strategic planning,
  •         Carry out mean operations,
  •         Do our job the right way,

.    To increase efficiency through performance assessment mechanisms,
.    To create different points of view by creating innovative and creative sights and opinions,
.    To carry out the required risk analyses and take the necessary measures,
.    To ensure the safety of our staff by following the Environment, Worker’s Safety and Security criteria and to provide the staff with necessary trainings and activities,
.    To consume energy sources at optimum levels and utilize recycling mechanisms, thereby contributing to environment and eco-system,
.    To contribute to social welfare through social responsibility events, and
.   To abide by national & international quality standards and legislations.

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