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Our company started its manufacturing operations on a 70,000 m² surface area with 20,000 m² indoor facilities at its new facility at Gaziantep 4th Organized Industrial Zone in the 3Q of 2012. This investment has been covered through our own resources.

With this facility, the first project of our Group in textile industry, one of the main targeted investment areas of our Group, has been initiated. Our company, meeting the customers with Eviza brand, has once more made social and economical contribution to its city, region and country, by creating new employment. At AHS Group, we continue to expand our investment range by adding another field of activity to existing commercial and production range, which are mainly food, energy and logistics sectors.

The fact that our country, and out city in particular, is the leader in global machine-woven carpet sector, is one of the main drivers to persuade us to enter into textile sector in addition to existing ones.

Our main objective is to maintain a sustainable growth also in textile sector, as we accomplished in other sectors. Besides, to add value to the sector and make difference by adopting sound R&D and innovation principles are two of our main ideals. We wish to make further investments on our country’s industry in textile sector as well as in other sectors in line with these principles and ideals.

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4. Organized Industrial Zone 83403 No. Street No:2 Başpınar / Gaziantep / TURKEY
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